Pentax Responds

Last week I raised a couple of issues with Ricoh concerning the Pentax K-1 in an email:

  1. .PEF files are not being read by Photoshop CS6
  2.  A Sigma Fisheye lens I own does not work on the camera

There response by Email is shown below:

Thank you for contacting RICOH.


RICOH does not test Sigma lenses for compatibility with the K-1 and, in fact, Sigma has issued an advisory to customers that some of their lenses may not be compatible and will damage the camera mount on the K-1.  I would suggest you go to the Sigma website and check this out.


You may need to update your version of CS6 in order for it to recognize the PEF files from the K-1.  The other option would be to use the Digital Camera Utility 5 software that came with your camera to process your PEF files.


If you are in need of further assistance, please respond to this email or call our technical support center at 800-877-0155.



Randall S.


PHONE: 800.234.0276 / 800.877.0155

(End of response from Ricoh)

For the record, I have updated my Photoshop software, but my .PEF files cannot be read. I have in a previous blog posting made note of the Sigma lens issue. I still think the K-1 is a very fine camera and I am happy I bought it. I will continue to shoot .DNG with the camera and urge other users to do the same.  If you have had your own experiences with this issue, I would like to hear from you on this Blog.


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